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IS 206 – Full of worth

Hooray for my only blog for this semester! 🙂

To my professor, Thank you for everything. I hope you won’t get bored in reading my blog. All statements were written out of my overflowing feels for this subject. Wishing that you’ll finish up until the last line of my words of appreciation.

I’m writing this blog for my professor. I consider her one of those few professors who can make impact in the lives of the students. Most but not all aim for that, but only a few can actually do that. In my Business Process Model (BPM) Class, I have learned alot about business, how a business works, the process of every stage it goes through, management of a business, and all. My professor once said that the safest way on how you will know what track do you want to take is “Isipin niyo nalang kung gusto niyo bang maging katulad nila”. Look up to those who are already in their desired field. Do I want to be like them? Or do I want to be like my professor? Starting from Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Class, up to know in BPM I still look up to my professor because she has shown her passion in teaching her student in class. We annoy her a lot, but that doesn’t hinder her from giving us the right education. This semester I have decided to take up the track of Service Management. Then I realized, that maybe I wanted to be like her. I wanted to be like my professor. I enjoyed studying her subject. Concepts, analyze, and sometimes even memorize. I can study other subjects but I seem not to be much interested compared to this subject. It’s because of the quality of teaching that my professor gave me. She has shown mastery in every topic she discusses in class. All those I mentioned were about theories and concepts. All academics. But her teaching doesn’t end there. Life decisions is one that I have learned in her class. All the “hugot” lines and some tips in life is what I treasure most in this class. I realized that in college, you can’t memorize everything, learn everything and be good at everything. What you will learn in college is to the attitude that you will carry when you go to your field of work. What you will learn are the values imparted by you by your professor. I really learned a lot about the field of Information Systems with what my professor has shared tome and my class. There are so many thing to know about but you’ll realize that you will know them by heart if you really are into or interested with the field. Before I always wanted to take up Fine Arts. But in the long run, I learned to like Information Systems. This field may be the one for me. And my professor has partly made me realize that somehow I am starting to value this course. When I wrote my Curriculum Vitae for my English Finals, I wrote in the position desired “ITIL Manager”, at first I wasn’t sure that it was really the position that I wanted. Even if the CV was just for class purposes, I wanted it to be personal. I have been acquainted with that position through my professor. I really think she is so good in studies. And I also believe she really excel in the field she chose. And it inspired me to also aim for a position that will motivate me to move on in life. Not only to be part of a team to earn money, but actually to be part of something special that it makes you feel that you are worth it. I searched in the internet what an ITIL Manager do. Then I saw familiar words like Change Management, Service Transition, Evaluation, Knowledge Mangement, and other. Now I can say that really I learned something in this class. I was so glad that I can say “Wow, may natutunan ako”. In other subjects, I won’t be like that. Right after an examination, it is as if I forgot everything that I have reviewed. But it was different in this class. Projects were given to us by my professor. The first one is the Strategic Planning Guidelines and the other one is the Business Process Model. Our first project was quite long. A template was given to us by the professor and I really appreciate that she did that. It was a guide for us on what to do. At first I was so stressed that it took me a long time to do this project. A lot of analysis came and a lot of observations were made. But in the end, we finished our Strategic Plan. Those were the times that my group mates and I learned the strengths and weaknesses of our Institute. The Institute of Information and Computing Sciences is good but there is always a room for improvement. In every project that I do, I always learn more about cooperation and teamwork. Those were the two values that I needed in order to have understanding with my group mates. The Business Process Model Project is my favorite project. Our professor didn’t gave us a template for this project so at first I was so shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I have no guide on what word to write first. But an outline was given to us. I made that outline as our basis for the sequence of our project. I enjoyed doing the Business Process Model. The company we have chosen is the one that my dad used to work for. And I am so glad that my dad was willing to teach me the details of how the business works. I even had my dad explain a specific topic in the business to me and my group mates. I am so glad that my professor gave us this project. After we have done this project, I thought that maybe one day, after I graduate, I’ll be doing something like that. Plotting the business processes of the company, analyzing every detail, and proposing improvements for every process that there can be enhancements. In our groupings, we also report about a business trend. That was a challenging one because our professor asks questions about the trivia we report in class so we really need to understand the topic and its importance. We were tasked to be reporting a specific topic of Business Process per group in class. Ours was Evaluating and Improving Business Process. I have no idea where to find data to report. I also can’t find information that I think is right. Or maybe I found the right information but I didn’t realized it was the right one. But my group mates and I came up with a good report that time. Through all the reporting, I realized that my professor studies what we report in class before we are to present it in class. We were two sections that she handles, both have group reporting but for sure we all have different information to present. But when we are to present in class, at times my professor will explain a specific topic that was being discussed by a reporter. Then I realized the effort she exerts in looking into our powerpoint presentation that we send to her. I really appreciate the kind of passion for work that I see in my professor. She goes to work at night up until six in the morning of the next day and our class start at seven. I understand why sometimes she goes to class a little bit later than the expected starting time of our class. And sometimes, we don’t have class because she is not feeling well. She have sacrificed too much of her time and energy just to go to school and teach in our class. When my professor’s birthday came, my classmates and I decided to have a surprise for her. We planned to buy a cake and balloon for her. It wasn’t much but we know that she will appreciate it, after all “It’s the thought that counts”. On the day of our IS 206 meeting, on the day we planned to give our gift to her, she texted me that morning that she can’t come to class because she was not feeling well. I felt terrible. I panicked, seriously. I doubt that our plan would work. With that, I tried to convince my professor to come to class even just for an hour. But I didn’t told her that I was asking for that time for us to give our gift to her. But then, she wasn’t in the condition to come to school that day, so I decided that maybe we can just come to her condo. And so I asked my classmates that we go to her dorm. When we were on our way I was thinking that maybe my professor is asleep. So before we got there, I called her. Afraid that she won’t answer, I though that maybe we can postpone the plan. But then finally she answered. And that call woke her up. I asked her what unit her condo was but we weren’t allowed to go inside so we asked her to go down. Then there, we gave our gift to her. It was a sign also of our appreciation to a lot of effort she gave to our class. I know that it insults a professor when she speaks in class and not everyone is listening. It is as if talking with the wind. And I know that it hurts their feelings.I want my professor to know that even if sometimes, I don’t listen in class, or sometimes I get too distracted with other things, I find worth in this subject. I know words isn’t enough to express how much thankful I am that I have a professor life her. But more than a professor, she is like a mother to me. She doesn’t only teach me things about Business Process Model, but also things about life. In one of her blogs I read that “Happiness is a choice.” That is just one of those that I learned about her. If you wanted to settle for less and do nothing with what you’re having problem then you neglect your choice of being happy. Also “Learn to wait”. Don’t rush into things. You’ll realize something’s worth when you learned how to wait for it. She has taught me so many things. And I really hope that she will be our professor in one of our subjects next semester. She’s one of those “professors for keeps”. Those that are worth remembering. These are the kind of experiences and memories that I will treasure forever. When I go to the industry after college, I know and I expect that I will be shocked with how it works in the real world. Right now, I am kind of dependent on what my professor will give me. If there is nothing given to me I am afraid that everything I do will be wrong. But then I’m trying to learn to be more confident like my professor. She knows really what her field is about, what to expect, and what you’ll get when you go to the real world. I also learn from her experiences. I also wanted to take ITIL Certification Exam because I know that aside from experience, education is an edge in the industry. I believe that if I pursue more in my education I can aim higher than what I can achieve right now. I wanted to thank God that I enrolled in this subject in this time and was taught by my professor now. I believe she’s a blessing to us. God has blessed her with so much that she is extending and imparting her knowledge, skills, and values to us by teaching us with the most efficient way she can.

After more than an hour of writing this blog, two thousand fifty three words aren’t enough to sum up my experience in this subject. I am so grateful, and I want my professor to know that. All her hard work pays off.



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    May 7, 2015

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  2. kitvalmadrid
    May 7, 2015

    alam mo ba Jaz, muntik na talaga ako ma-bore. ang haba kasi. pero joke lang. muntik talaga akong maiyak kasi hindi ko alam na ganun na pala ang impact ko sayo. sa totoo lang kasi ginagawa ko lang naman ung gusto ko and kung saan ako masaya, hindi ko alam na nakakainspire na pala ako ng ganito. kaya, super duper mega thank you for making me realize na i’ve come this far. grabe 3 years na pala akong nagtuturo and ngayon lang ako nakabasa ng ganito. ngayon lang ako nakabasa ng so much appreciation na hindi ko naman ineexpect. kasi minsan tlaga feeling ko kulang pa e. pero sobrang thank you talaga. keep on believing your strengths lang and do what makes you happy. siguro un ung naging winning attitude ko. tsaka syempre don’t forget to thank your parents and God for everything 🙂

    keep it up!

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